meet the Pathway to Living team

Leading By Example

The senior living industry has always been complex and challenging. This is perhaps even more true today. Meeting the needs of this unique industry – and of America's aging population – requires not only experience, but a passion to succeed. At Pathway® to Living, we believe we measure up to the challenge.

Pathway® Corporate Team

Pathway® begins with a foundation of unmatched experience. Our seasoned management team has community- and corporate-based experience with many of the top industry owners and operators in the full continuum of seniors' housing and the full lifespan of communities – from concept and development, to start-up or post-acquisition transition, through lease-up and stabilization. This expertise allows us to provide both proven solutions and creative new approaches that meet the needs of each community we operate.

Our corporate team works closely with community team members to offer the highest level of service, providing unsurpassed guidance and support. In fact, we are available around the clock to key community personnel. Our goal is to work together to excel in occupancy, customer and employee satisfaction and financial performance. It is a win-win-win situation!

Jerome E. Finis, Chief Executive Officer

I graduated from the University of Illinois where I was a member of the Fighting Illini football team and captain of the Track and Field team. Athletics has always been an important part of my life and I have continued my interest as an avid golfer, cyclist and tennis player.  Whether participating in a team sport  or developing my skill in an individual practice, it helps satisfy my competitive spirit.   This spirit of performing at our best, supporting our team members, and pushing ourselves to continuously learn is essential in the work we do and to the organization we’ve created.

As a founding member of Pathway to Living, LLC, Jerry has over 19 years of experience as an operator, developer and owner of over 2,400 units of seniors housing located throughout the Midwest.  He sits on the Executive Board of the American Seniors Housing Association and is the past President of the Affordable Assisted Living Coalition.  As CEO, Jerry is responsible for guiding the company growth and investment strategies.

Jerry at Pathway to Living
Maria at Pathway to Living

Maria Oliva, Chief Operating Officer

My life’s motto has been to live life to the fullest, make a difference, and have a deep passion for all that you do. Thanks to a very important person early in my life, and through Yoga practice, I learned the importance of balancing drive and ambition with gratitude and self-awareness. Everyday, I find time for reflection, recharging and relaxing. It helps me live a fulfilled life by harmonizing the body/mind connection, which leads to overall wellness. This is essential for all human beings no matter their life stage. Working in the senior living industry is an incredible responsibility and I am humbled for the opportunity to enrich lives and help change the way society thinks about aging.

With more than 20 years of executive level experience in seniors housing, Maria possesses a keen understanding of the seniors housing industry and in-depth knowledge of strategic planning, operational excellence, acquisitions management, financial controls and leadership and culture development. Her passion for enhancing seniors’ lives through creative, engaging and purpose-filled experiences is balanced with a drive to not only achieve, but exceed, operational and financial expectations. Maria sits on the Operations Executive Roundtable for Argentum, is a member of the Advisory Board for Senior Living 100 and a Board Member of Leading Age Illinois. She holds a Bachelor of Science in management from National Lewis University.

Sandra Davidson, Vice President of Operational Design

Ever since I could remember I enjoyed having a camera in hand.   As a child with a Polaroid One Step Instant Camera as my first camera, I began taking wildlife and landscape pictures which began my life with photography and my passion and love for nature.  It is through my pictures that I look to communicate feelings and my passion for the American Southwest and Canadian Rockies.  The scene behind me of Devil’s Tower in Wyoming is inspiring for its Native American Heritage and its breathtaking beauty.

As the Vice President of Operational Design Sandra is engaged in the design of all new developments collaborating with owners, developers and architects, as well as, overseeing the comprehensive pre-opening start-up phase of new developments.  Sandra has over 30 years of experience in real estate, operations, finance, marketing and management, including 20 years of executive level experience in the independent, assisted living and memory care industry.  Sandra is a Certified Residential Care Facility for Elderly (RCFE) Administrator in California and has certifications in C3P Tax Credit, RIM, UPCS and Public Housing Property Management.

Sandra at Pathway to Living
Nicole at Pathway to Living

Nicole Bartecki, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

My fondest Childhood memories all stem from sitting around the table with my family and playing board games.  No matter what was going on in life, this was a time to laugh and have fun.  My competitive nature developed during these family games.  This is a tradition that carries on today not only with my father and sisters but with my husband and own children.  Board games teach good sportsmanship, friendly competition and a strong family bond.  As hard as it is, I have learned through my children that while winning is fantastic, sometimes you have to put that competitive nature aside for the good of the cause.

Nicole Bartecki is a marketing and sales professional with over 20 years of sales experience in the senior living industry and over 12 years of sales management experience. Nicole has been involved in sales and marketing from the community to the executive level within the skilled nursing, assisted living and memory care settings. Nicole has successfully planned, managed and executed sales and marketing plans for start-ups, acquisitions and repositioned communities including the rebranding and identity development. As the Vice President of Sales and Marketing and a member of the executive team of Pathway to Living since 2011, Nicole is responsible for the branding strategy and optimization, market research, and creation and execution of integrated strategic marketing plans for the sales and marketing efforts for the ever-expanding portfolio of Pathway to Living communities, as well as all acquisitions and management contracts nationwide.

Mike Tallarito, Controller

For years, when I wanted to stay home for dinner I had only two items in my kitchen that got any use:  the microwave and the telephone.   One day I decided to try using some of the other items that could be found in the kitchen and after some initial struggles, I realized that I really enjoyed cooking.   Over the years since, I have continued to push my boundaries and spend much of my free time trying out new recipes.  I also took four semesters of cooking classes at a local college just to improve my skills.    While I enjoy cooking, I love to bake and look forward to any and every opportunity I get to spend time in the kitchen.

As Controller, Mike is responsible for the accounting and financial functions of the organization.  Mike has nearly 20 years of experience in accounting, with his first 8 years in public accounting before transitioning to the real estate industry.   Mike is a graduate of DePaul University with a BA in Accounting and is a registered CPA in the State of Illinois and a member of the Argentum Senior Finance Executive Roundtable.

MIke at Pathway to Living
Colleen at Pathway to Living

Colleen Wille, Director of Operations

I enjoy supporting my nephews and their football teams in the fall months. The biggest highlight over the past eleven years was watching my nephew, teammates and coaches accomplish their goal of becoming the 2014 Football State Champions in the state of Illinois. To say that the season was magical is an understatement. The team suffered only one loss throughout the entire season and in true Celtic fashion they used that as a learning experience that would continue to drive and motivate them for the remainder of the season. The Team was an example of how to achieve success on so many levels. They decided on one goal and everyone was clear as to what that goal was. Every team member and coach contributed their absolute best to achieve the goal every practice and every game. Above all everyone was committed; committed to one another and to the outcomes they were striving to achieve. There was no we/them, first string/second string, juniors/seniors. There was ONE TEAM with each member contributing value. The Team achieved their ultimate goal and experienced what many have not – a State Championship. I often share this experience with those I work with because the same strategy works in the business place. Clarity of goals and commitment to achieve produces winners.

Colleen has been in the seniors housing industry for 20+ years. She has had the benefit of working for stellar organizations: Senior Lifestyle Corporation, Horizon Bay Senior Communities, Gardant Management and Pathway to Living. Working as an Executive Director, Regional Vice President of Operations and Director of Operations has offered the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the Residents and Team Members that she works for.

Patrick Dimaano, Director of Acquisitions & Strategic Partnerships

I have a passion for sports - whether it's competing, rooting for Chicago's sports teams, or volunteer coaching for various youth sports teams. I am inspired by the enthusiasm, competitive nature, and constant team improvement of coaching sports. My strength in strategy, a drive to constantly improve, and an operational focus contribute to Team Pathway's growth platform.

Patrick oversees the implementation and execution of Pathway's development and investment process.  In this role, Patrick focuses on project sourcing by identifying underserved markets, site acquisition, contract negotiation, financial feasibility and budget creation, partnership selection and oversight, entitlements, and due diligence. 

Patrick graduated from DePaul University with a Bachelors of Science in Finance concentrating on Real Estate. Patrick is a member of the American Senior Housing Association (ASHA) Rising Leaders Group as well as the DePaul Real Estate Alumni Association.

Patrick at Pathway to Living

Lisa Rogers, Director of Human Resources

Adventurous comes to mind when I think of myself. What is work to one person may be fun for me. It seems to me that fun, happiness and joy are interconnected. For that very reason I enjoy each and everyday and embrace the moments that I have. Whether I’m hobnobbing around the castle at Hogwarts, running on the Great Wall of China barefoot or bundled up watching a good movie, with chocolate, I always make sure I am having fun. I believe that each day is what you make of it, doing something new always excites me and being able to do it with my family and friends is awesome. New adventures and fun are my passion and they run deep within my soul. Living life to the fullest is what drew me to Pathway and the mission we celebrate everyday. I live by this quote to remind myself that there is good in everything we come in contact with: “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” (J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban -Spoken by Albus Dumbledore)

Lisa joined Pathway to Living in June of 2010 as the Human Resources Manager and was promoted to her current position. Lisa is a Senior Certified Professional with Society of Human Resource Management and sits on the Assisted Living Federation of America’s Human Resource Executive Roundtable and the Advisory Board for SHINE – Senior Care HR Innovation, Networks & Engagement Summit. Prior to joining Pathway, Lisa spent 7 years as the VP of Shared Services at Knight Industries a roofing manufacturing company and 13 years as a Human Resource Manager for General Electric in their financial portfolio. Lisa brings over 25 years of Human Resources experience to the organization.

Lisa at Pathway to Living
Helen at Pathway to Living

Helen Brown, Director of A Knew Day Memory Support

Some people think of gardening as a chore, but I find it relaxing and peaceful. My favorite time of the year is spring when nature starts to come alive. Crocuses popping through the ground are usually the first sign of spring and there is nothing sweeter than the smell of Hyacinth. My kaleidoscope hydrangea is one of my favorite bushes, the flower changes colors and each year the bush is pruned it produces larger flowers. I find it peaceful to be outdoors in the morning, birds are singing, frogs in the pond are croaking, and if you sit still, humming birds come to feed from the plants, and when the wind blows you can smell the honeysuckle in the air. Appreciating nature is wellness for the soul.

I started working in health care 31 years ago, at the age of sixteen I started working in long term care as a CNA, since then I have continued my education and passion for helping others. I have had the privilege of holding many different positions such as being a phlebotomist, dialysis tech, LPN, MDS Coordinator, Assisted Living Director. I came to Pathway to Living in 2008 as an Executive Director; in 2014 I obtained my LNHA.

Memory Care is my true passion, in 1994 I had the privilege of assisting with opening a memory care neighborhood in long term care, 2006 I opened a memory care neighborhood in an Assisted Living. I have the privilege to continue my love for people living dementia and in 2016 received my Engagement Leader certification from PAC  (Teepa Snow), in the fall of 2016 I traveled to Australia to become one of four Master Practitioners in the United States for Spark of Life, recently I received my second certification from PAC (Teepa Snow) as a certified trainer.

As the A Knew Day director, I oversee coordination of programming and training. My goal as the director of A Knew Day is  that every resident living with dementia  will not only have there physical needs met but their psychosocial needs met as well.