Victory Centre of South Chicago Health and Wellness Programming

Health and Wellness Programming



An enthusiastic celebration of life!

Pathway Senior Living LLC was awarded the Innovator Award in 2012

Pathway’s signature, award-winning VIVA! lifestyle fosters purpose and offers a whole new way of aging healthfully and happily. VIVA! offers a wealth of opportunities to enrich lives through social, educational and spiritual pursuits, as well as the chance for people to share their skills, talents and passions with others through resident-led activities.


Chair Chi and Yoga

Victory Centre of South Chicago offers a popular Chair Chi program, a gentle exercise to help people who cannot stand or have balance issues receive the benefits of traditional Tai Chi. The many benefits include balance, flexibility, range of motion, strength, energy, pain relief, stress reduction and peace of mind. Some residents are getting these very same benefits by practicing traditional and modified yoga also offered at the community.


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VIVA! Plus

Partnering with the best, VIVA! Plus provides truly integrated, patient-centered care

Victory Centre’s VIVA! Plus program brings together an impressive group of third-party healthcare partners to give residents access to high-quality, coordinated medical and behavioral care options—all conveniently delivered in the privacy and comfort of residents’ own homes.


Takes VIVA! and healthy living one step further helping residents live well and recover more quickly

Physicians, pharmacists, home health nurses, physical and rehabilitation therapists, social workers, psychiatric nurses and hospice specialists all serve as an extension of Victory Centre’s team. All providers are carefully selected for quality, share Victory Centre’s holistic VIVA! philosophy and work together to provide coordinated, seamless care.


Clinical Rehab Services 

Rehab specialists help residents stay independent and active, so they can enjoy life to the fullest.

Clinical Rehab Services by Victory Centre of South Chicago

Victory Centre’s rehabilitation partners offer preventive treatment programs and transitional rehabilitation services onsite at Victory Centre of South Chicago and in the convenience of our residents’ homes. Clinical Rehab Services and Victory Centre’s team members coordinate care, communicate openly and keep the residents at the center of the decision-making process.


Clinical Rehab Services offers specialized preventative treatment programs that help
  • Improve balance and reduce the risk of falls
  • Enhance brain health
  • Reduce incontinence with bladder retraining


Clinical Rehab Services offers transitional acute rehabilitation services for many health issues, including
  • Orthopedic care after surgery
  • Ongoing pain
  • Neurological conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s Disease or Multiple Sclerosis
  • Other complex medical episodes including COPD, emphysema or cardiopulmonary diseases


Better care means better outcomes

Not only is accessing care providers made simple, but the VIVA! Plus team results are outstanding. Working with our trusted healthcare partners, Victory Centre has reduced hospital 30-day readmissions by one third. Overall hospital admissions for Victory Centre residents are on the decline as well and so the number of falls and injuries from falls.