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A Hero In Westmont

A Hero in Westmont

When Dave Dal Porto looked out from his home in Willowbrook on October 20th, he noticed the Knolls Condominiums apartment building just a hundred feet away had suffered serious damage. Windows were blown out, glass was shattered and there was an eerie feeling of fear at 9 a.m. that morning.

The apartment explosion was sparked when 81-year-old resident Marge started a dryer. Police and firefighters were able to track the gas leak to a Speedway gas station with a leaking tank that has since been contained.  

Dal Porto, a culinarian at Aspired Living of Westmont, has known Marge for fifteen years. He cooked for her, spent quality time with her and felt a sense of urgency to make sure she was safe after the explosion. Upon entering the complex, Dal Porto discovered Marge trapped inside the smoky environment and reluctant to leave her cats and home behind. Dal Porto urged her to come with him, as the situation grew dire. Marge was carried out of the complex in moments by her longtime friend and is now recovering from severe burns. Marge and other apartment residents will be able to move back home within the next couple months.

Pathway to Living and Aspired Living of Westmont are proud to have Dave, a true hero, as part of our team!