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A Merry Trip to France


Vive la France! During February, the month of love, Pathway residents immersed themselves into French culture and became enamored with Parisian customs.

Armchair travelers enjoyed the virtual trip to France as part of Pathway’s signature program, VIVA! World Tour. Each month residents explore different parts of the world from the comfort of home and in the company of peers.

To better get a “taste” for France, Alexian Village residents hosted a “Covered in Chocolate” event. They dipped strawberries, pound cake and other dip-ables into warm, melty chocolate—a truly delicious treat that many associate with Switzerland, yet it has a very French influence when using French chocolate and enjoyed with Champagne.

Speaking of Champagne, Stoney River of Marshfield residents enthusiastically continued their French studies by hosting wine tastings. French wine traces its history to the 6th century BC, and residents wanted to be sure that France’s modern-day wine makers are still producing quality beverages. After sampling Burgundy, Bordeaux and Chardonnay, residents raised their glasses in a rousing toast to the superb French wine.  Many even vowed to drink more of it in the future…for its anti-aging and health benefits, of course!

A trip to France, would not be complete without seeing Paris’s iconic Eiffel Tower. Using their artistic talents and imagination, residents embarked on a string art project and created beautiful Eiffel Tower replicas out of yarn—some so lovely they should hang in the Louvre!

Au revoir, until next month’s VIVA! World Tour adventure.

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