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Assisted Living: Experience Personal Support and a Wellness-Focused Lifestyle

As COVID-19 continues to be a concern for people across the globe, many seniors and their families wonder how best to protect their aging loved ones. Social distancing is all well and good, but for many this means not being able to access social, recreational and occupational resources that have long been a source of assistance and enjoyment.

“Now that we’re entering flu season, we have even more focus on protecting seniors and ensuring their safety,” says Ashley Lodi, Executive Director of Azpira at Windermere. “Perhaps not surprisingly, we have seen increased interest in moving to Azpira at Windermere from seniors and their family members. That’s a huge vote of confidence and has only strengthened our resolve to provide for the continued safety and wellbeing of our residents and team members.”

One of the many reasons why families are turning to Azpira at Windermere, says Ashley, is the personal support options and wellness-focused lifestyle that’s woven into the fabric of life in the community.

“Many seniors who need support and live at home end up becoming socially isolated, lonely and bored, especially during this unprecedented time,” she says. “At Azpira at Windermere, we’re able to provide social opportunities for our residents and the personal assistance they need while also minimizing their risk of exposure. It’s truly one of the safest places to be during a pandemic.”

Personalized Support for Better Wellbeing

Just because you or a loved one need a little assistance to live safely doesn’t mean you don’t want to live independently and experience everything life has to offer. In Assisted Living at Azpira at Windermere, you’ll have it all: the privacy of your own apartment paired with the most appropriate level of dignified care to remain living as independently as possible allows for more freedom in your day.

Every resident, upon entry to our community, receives a thorough assessment that takes into consideration health status, personal assistance needs, preferences and goals. Using this information, we craft a care plan together with you and your loved ones that provides for the very best possible lifestyle each and every day. That’s the basis of our VIVA! philosophy – the idea that every day is a chance to grow, learn and explore.

Residents can reside in safety and security in either a private studio, one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment that suits your style and needs. Our maintenance-free lifestyle means you don't have to worry about cooking, housekeeping, laundry, yard maintenance, snow shoveling or any other home-related headache. Instead, you discover that your time is yours to do with as you wish, and you’ll receive all the assistance you may need to make your dreams and goals happen.

A Wellness-Focused Lifestyle

Our parent company Pathway to Living® was founded in 1997 to help older adults fulfill their dreams and accomplish their  goals – every day. We understand that those who choose us as their home want someone to help guide them along their path, not stand in their way. To that end, we are a new generation of senior living that provides a tailored, wellness-focused lifestyle that includes a vibrant and inspirational way of living. That’s what sets Azpira at Windermere apart from all the rest.

VIVA! Is our award-winning philosophy that values every stage of life and focuses on an overall sense of wellbeing. VIVA! is at the forefront of everything we do at Azpira at Windermere. It’s a way of life that inspires a sense of meaning and purpose. We simply believe that every year of your life should be the best year yet; no goal or dream is too big, lofty or far-fetched to reach.

VIVA! signature and award-winning programs are a representation of how we embrace life every day, whether it be socially, environmentally, emotionally, vocationally, intellectually, physically or spiritually. We understand that wellness is more than just eating well and staying active. Wellness means nurturing and caring for the whole person: mind, body and spirit. Our signature programming provides opportunities for our residents to Live Well. Be Well. Age Well. Every day! Here are just a few of the offerings our Assisted Living residents enjoy:



All of us are artists in our own way, and ArtPATH was designed to inspire individuals to let loose that creativity. Whether you want to try sculpting, oil painting, fiber art, performance art and more, ArtPATH is focused on helping you reach wellness through the arts.


Good Vibrations

Get your groove on with our drumming and vibration circles. Our residents use rhythm instruments from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean to express themselves and inspire those around them.


Lifelong Learning

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? We believe that everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow, and this signature program gives residents the opportunities to stretch their minds through collegiate-level classes ranging from science to art to literature and more.


See Spot Retire

It’s not just senior humans who are encouraged to live their best lives possible. We extend our philosophy to four-legged friends, too. Our canine companion program, See Spot Retire, provides senior dogs with a new home in our community, allowing residents to enjoy the companionship of a pet without dealing with the upkeep and care.


Victory Gardens

Gardening is a rewarding experience for all ages. Our residents put their green thumbs to work growing tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables in our Victory Garden, which are then harvested and used by our culinary staff to create mealtime masterpieces.


VIVA!℠ World Tour

Travel the world without ever having to leave our community. With VIVA!℠ World Tour, our residents dive into the culture, cuisine and language of a new country every month, providing opportunities to expand horizons and learn more about the world around us.

For more information about our Assisted Living community or to schedule a visit to Azpira at Windermere, please contact us at 407-278-8508.

Live Well. Age Well. Be Well.

At Azpira at Windermere, located in Windermere, FL, we’re redefining how older adults Live Well. Age Well. Be Well. Our lifestyle is far from “typical.” Our vibrant and engaging Assisted Living and uplifting A Knew Day® Memory Support inspires our residents to live passionately with purpose, every single day.

Step outside your apartment and you’ll experience a community offering thoughtful and award-winning VIVA!SM programs that are proven to enhance your life spiritually, mentally and physically. Azpira at Windermere’s team of specially trained wellness professionals are passionate about building unique relationships with every resident and guiding older adults as they set new goals, forge new relationships and live life at their own pace.

Azpira at Windermere is all about creating an environment that is ahead of the curve in wellness, fitness, spirituality, technology and preventative care. As the times and technology are changing, so are we. Residents and their families, along with our Resident Care Manager, will meticulously build a wellness plan that addresses medicine distribution, fitness objectives, nutrition needs and socialization goals.​

Get excited about life at Azpira at Windermere. Our team is eager to guide you on the path you want to live – whether it’s enjoying your own city, exploring new ones, spending time with old friends, or spearheading a program of your own, this is your time to live the life you want with the luxury you deserve.​