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Chicago’s Photobombing Grandma Finds Insta-Fame at 71

For Andy Weitzberg of Buffalo Grove, Illinois, social media entered her life just in time. Known to her fans as the “Photobombing Grandma,” Weitzberg is often spotted perusing through Chicago and local attractions for the perfect photo op – and the decision isn’t usually up to her. Rather than scouting out the perfect natural lighting for a batch of Instagram likes, the mother of two is on the hunt for strangers who might welcome in a friendly photobomber. From the Lincoln Park Zoo to New York and Italy, Weitzberg is inserting herself into unforgettable moments all while growing her Instagram following.


At 71-years-old, Weitzberg admits that she feels recharged and reinvigorated as a new social media star. “You stop thinking about how old you’re getting,” explains the grandmother of four. “You just do it and the energy feeds on itself.”


While the proof is in the pudding that Weitzberg’s harmless photo fun draws in hundreds of loyal fans and followers, there are always the few city dwellers who aren’t keen on uninvited guests, but that doesn’t phase the former Director of Physical and Occupational Therapy from a cordial bomb. “It’s just fun,” she says. Adding, “Some call me capricious; I call me eccentric.”


Weitzberg’s eccentricity is how the suburbanite got started on her photobombing journey. While cruising with her husband, Steve, on vacation over seven years ago, Weitzberg hopped in the background of a couple who she’s still in touch with to this day. After snapping the photos, Weitzberg isn’t shy to ask folks to send her the funny snap before posting to her Instagram page. And while Weitzberg isn’t a big fan of Instagram stories (yet), her most prized pictures are featured on @PhotobombingGrandma’s feed. The feed even captured the attention of Windy City Live, who toured Chicago alongside Weitzberg for an afternoon of professional photobombing and aired Oct. 21 on Channel 7.



Weitzberg’s passion for her newfound hobby is palpable. With an impressive career on her resume and having raised a family, the savvy influencer is excited to enter her next phase of life trying new things and setting new goals. After her Windy City Live debut, she has her eyes set on making an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and maybe even hosting a red carpet one day. “You’re never too old,” Weitzberg says of following your dreams. “I feel like I’m 16 [again].”


Make sure you’re following @PhotobombingGrandma on Instagram and smile big when you see her heading your way – she can be sneaky!