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Fill Your Bucket with Hopes and Dreams


Don’t let growing older keep you from dreaming about tomorrow. Seventy or 80 candles on the birthday cake mean  it’s time to step up, eagerly embrace one’s hopes and dreams and wish big before blowing them out.

History shows that it’s never too late to make your mark on the world. Benjamin Franklin signed the Declaration of Independence at age 70, Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote her first book at age 64 and Nelson Mandela was elected president of South Africa at age 76.

Making the history books may not be your dream, but now is the time to think about and express your personal aspirations. What goals do you hope to achieve?  What experiences do you hope to have? Maybe you see yourself sitting in the bleachers at a baseball game, visiting Disneyland with the grand kids or riding a cable car in San Francisco.

Just how do you turn dreams into reality? Simply start by creating your very own bucket list.

Make a Bucket List in 5 Easy Steps  

Plan for a fabulous year ahead by following these five steps to make your own bucket list:

Step 1: Get a bucket list buddy – Invite friends and family to help you make your bucket list and encourage them to make one of their own. Like having a workout buddy, a bucket list pal can help motivate and inspire you to write your list and put your list into action!

Step 2: Set goals for this year – Think about things that you’d like do, see and experience in the coming months. Visit a tulip farm in spring, take a Chicago River boat ride in summer, pick apples in fall or see a desert cactus in winter. No two bucket lists are the same.

Step 3: Plan simple and grand – Dancing in the rain is easily doable, while visiting relatives in Ireland requires more planning and resources. It’s encouraging to have goals on the list that can be easily accomplished and crossed off while you spend time working toward achieving more complex goals.

Step 4: Dream big – The odds may be stacked up against realizing some bucket list goals. For example, your single granddaughter, although quite lovely, will most likely not marry Prince Harry. Dreams of having a royal in the family may not come true, but it sure is fun to fantasize!

Step 5Fill your bucket – Using an actual bucket—like an adorable red sand pail or large mason jar—to store your list can help keep your goals present and top of mind. Plus, you can store mementos from things crossed off your list such as ticket stubs, photographs and other trinkets in your bucket.

Over the years, Pathway Senior Living has provided opportunities for its residents to complete their bucket lists with hot air balloon rides, overnight camping trips and horseback riding adventures. One resident, who was a former farmer, simply wished to ride a John Deere tractor once again, and did so thanks to the help of her assisted living community and family. So, what’s on your list?

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