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High-tech Approach to COVID Clean

Aspired Living of La Grange is taking a fresh approach to cleaning and disinfecting by implementing the most advanced, Earth-friendly products and technology to its housekeeping routine.

“We are proud to go the extra mile when it comes to creating a clean and safe environment where our residents can live comfortably and our team members can work confidently,” said Aspired Living of La Grange Lifestyle Specialist Linsey Rosland.

The senior living community is tackling germs and viruses in the air and on surfaces armed with way more than just air fresheners and buckets and mops.

Here are three high-tech cleaning initiatives in use at Aspired Living of La Grange:

  • Viking Pure Solution Cleaning Product
    Viking Pure Solutions cleaner and disinfectant is made with all-natural ingredients and has the proven ability to kill bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. Viking Pure Solutions’ sanitation technology uses electrolyzed water to kill bacteria, fungus and viruses. It also prevents micro-organisms from creating a resistance to any of its disinfectants.
    Green Bonus: Unlike many popular cleaning products, Viking Pure Solutions cleaner is completely non-toxic, is registered by the EPA to produce solution as a Hospital Grade Disinfectant and has proven efficacy against viruses similar to COVID-19.
  • Purify-One UV-C Disinfecting Wand
    Wiping down surfaces with soap and water and then waving the wand over the surfaces kills COVID-19. Laboratory test results from a CDC-certified lab, confirm that the Purify-One UV-C Disinfecting Wand is 97% effective in destroying the COVID-19 virus at a distance of six feet within 3-5 seconds.
    Green Bonus: Using the wand helps eliminate or at least reduce the amount of cleaning chemicals being used.
  • Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) Air Purification System
    The NPBI patented technology purifies the air by eliminating airborne particulates, odors and pathogens. The system produces a high concentration of positive and negative ions, delivering them to the space via the ventilation system. With the air stream, ions attach to particles, where they combine, become larger and are more easily filtered from the air.
    Green Bonus: NPBI technology cleans the air naturally by generating ions without producing ozone or other harmful by-products, so we can bring the freshness of outdoors indoors.

Aspired Living is cautiously re-introducing programming re-opening services in accordance with new Illinois Department of Public Health guidelines for assisted living and doing so with confidence thanks to these advanced cleaning methods in place and with the ongoing, monthly COVID-19 vaccine clinic at our community.

About Aspired Living of La Grange

Aspired Living of La Grange, located at 35 Shawmut Ave, La Grange, offers independent living, assisted living and memory support in a vibrant, new community with an inspiring lifestyle. Call Linsey Rosland at 708-365-8593 to learn more and schedule a visit today.