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How Our Person-Centered Culture Improves Lives

“Getting older doesn’t mean that our opportunities for a fulfilling life shrink,” says Tracy Deal, Executive Director of Azpira at Windermere. “In fact, it’s the complete opposite. We believe that our person-centered approach and culture provide a supportive, convenient, resident-centered approach to care that opens doors and broadens opportunities. At Azpira at Windermere, you’ll find a vibrant, exciting and welcoming place to call home – each and every day.”


Designed for Your Perfect Retirement Lifestyle

Azpira at Windermere has been meticulously designed with close attention to detail and a thoughtful approach to meet the wants, needs, desires and dreams of every resident who calls us “home.”


“Aging well means finding opportunities to stay healthy throughout all seven dimensions of wellness,” says Tracy. “While physical health is the first thing that people think about, we also encourage whole-body wellness through purpose and a sense of community that engages the entire person to provide a holistic approach to aging.”


The Lifestyle You Deserve. The Care You Need.

Our parent company, Pathway to Living®, has been an innovator in the senior living space since 1997, and Azpira at Windermere continues that innovation by creating a community that’s ahead of the curve in fitness, wellness and preventative care.


“Seniors who choose us as their home love our person-centered culture,” Tracy explains. “Together with a Resident Care Manager, each resident and their loved ones work together to develop a comprehensive wellness plan that’s focused on the needs of each individual. Plans address everything from fitness objectives to medication requirements and so much more.”


Besides the physical needs, Azpira at Windermere also includes emotional aspects in care plans, such as passions and hobbies that inspire. “Care isn't just about healthcare,” says Tracy. “It’s about the whole person and providing everything necessary to help residents live their best possible life, no matter what’s required.”


Live the VIVA!SM Lifestyle

VIVA!SM is more than just an approach to programming and event planning. It’s a philosophy and a way of life that’s woven throughout all aspects of life at Azpira at Windermere. Our VIVA! approach provides integrated, resident-centered care that allows residents to live their best possible lives while providing family members with peace of mind.

In order to help our residents remain as healthy as possible, we offer third-party care by bringing healthcare professionals into our community on a regular basis.


But VIVA! isn’t just about physical health. It’s about the whole philosophy and approach to aging well and happily. As soon as you step foot in our community, you’ll hear the constant drumbeat of our VIVA! lifestyle. As a signature aspect of Pathway to Living®, VIVA! means signature, award-winning programs that create meaning, fulfillment and purpose that allow for every day to become a chance to discover something new, exciting and inspiring.


Person-Centered Care for a Lifetime

Live Well. Age Well. Be Well. is more than just a saying. The worry-free, carefree and maintenance-free lifestyle that seniors will find make life at Azpira at Windermere amazing. But what makes us spectacular is our approach to lifelong care. No matter how your health needs may change in the future, you can rest easy knowing you’ll always receive resident-centered care to help you live the active, fulfilled life you deserve.


Assisted Living

Are you still ready for adventure, but need a little extra help in order to live safely? Assisted Living at Azpira at Windermere is here for you. You’ll receive personalized care and diverse programming for a well-rounded lifestyle. You’ll discover so many opportunities to be inspired each and every day.


Memory Support

Our proprietary Memory Support programming – A Knew Day® Memory Support – takes person-centered care to new heights. We focus on celebrating our residents’ lives, which provides the foundation for them to thrive. Our daily mission provides enriching, personalized and purpose-filled environments where our residents can experience opportunities to flourish. A Knew Day® is all about breaking down barriers and honoring remaining abilities as we join our residents on this unique journey.


“Azpira at Windermere is truly a place where you can live well, age well, be well,” says Tracy. “Both our residents and their families enjoy fulfilling lifestyles that meet all their needs – mind, body and soul. Every day in our community is an opportunity to live life to the fullest.”


The Positive Approach to Care

The PAC person-centered philosophy adopted at Azpira at Windermere helps care providers, family members and loved ones develop ways to work with the individual to improve quality of life – whether he or she is completely independent or requires extensive Memory Support.


“That’s truly the difference,” says Tracy. “No matter what you or a loved one requires to live safely, we’re able to adapt and flex our care approaches to make sure that the individual lives the best possible life in our community.”


Live Well. Age Well. Be Well.

At Azpira at Windermere, located in Windermere, FL, we’re redefining how older adults Live Well. Age Well. Be Well. Our lifestyle is far from “typical.” Our vibrant and engaging Assisted Living and uplifting A Knew Day® Memory Support inspires our residents to live passionately with purpose, every single day.

Step outside your apartment and you’ll experience a community offering thoughtful and award-winning VIVA!SM programs that are proven to enhance your life spiritually, mentally and physically. Azpira at Windermere’s team of specially trained wellness professionals are passionate about building unique relationships with every resident and guiding older adults as they set new goals, forge new relationships and live life at their own pace.

Azpira at Windermere is all about creating an environment that is ahead of the curve in wellness, fitness, spirituality, technology and preventative care. As the times and technology are changing, so are we. Residents and their families, along with our Resident Care Manager, will meticulously build a wellness plan that addresses medicine distribution, fitness objectives, nutrition needs and socialization goals.​

Get excited about life at Azpira at Windermere. Our team is eager to guide you on the path you want to live – whether it’s enjoying your own city, exploring new ones, spending time with old friends or spearheading a program of your own, this is your time to live the life you want with the luxury you deserve.​

To learn more or to schedule a personal visit, contact us at 407-278-8508.