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How Our Signature Programs Promote Healthy Aging

What does healthy aging mean to you? For many of us, it means feeling well and being able to do the things we want to do, no matter how old we get. Sure, as we age, we may need a little extra help in order to live our best lives, but that doesn’t mean you’re unable to do things – far from it.

“We believe that healthy aging is something that everyone can do at every age,” says Tracy Deal, Executive Director of Azpira at Windermere, an Assisted Living and Memory Support community providing thoughtful and award-winning care to seniors. “Every day is a chance to continue – or begin – your health and wellness journey. That’s not just getting enough exercise. It’s learning something new, trying a hobby you’ve never tried before and having adventures each and every day. In a nutshell – it’s VIVA!”

VIVA! is our award-winning programming that’s designed to help seniors embrace every day to the fullest. Designed by our parent company Pathway to Living®, it’s a philosophy of excitement, learning and enjoyment. While VIVA! threads throughout all aspects of life at our community, it really comes to life in our signature programming.

“Our programs are constantly evolving in order to be more relevant and personalized to our residents,” says Tracy. “Our on-site VIVA! Life Coordinator is always soliciting feedback from our residents and getting to know them on a personal level. This allows us to create an events calendar that’s filled with programming that promotes healthy aging in mind, body and soul. The benefits these offer are many: fulfillment, purpose, spirituality, community … it’s a little bit of everything that seniors need to thrive.”

In honor of Healthy Aging Month, we’ve chosen to highlight our signature VIVA! programming and explain a little bit more how it helps our residents live well … live healthily … live VIVA!


All About VIVA!

What makes VIVA! so different from other senior programs? Well, for starters, it's not simply programming (as we already mentioned). Yes, our signature programs are a huge part of the VIVA! philosophy. But more importantly, VIVA! is a lifestyle. It’s a state of mind. We want our residents, visitors and partners to get a special feeling as soon as they walk into our community. We want our residents to feel important, fulfilled and that every day is a new day to live life to the fullest. In short, we want to redefine what it means to age well and be well.

At the core of VIVA!, residents are encouraged to design their own personal paths. Part of that involves our signature programs, but it also means that we create customized offerings for each individual. Our programming isn’t static. Instead, we like our residents to think about our programs as idea-starters that can be personalized and developed into something perfect for their passions, dreams and needs.

While we can’t list every facet of programming that we have in our community (this blog post would be miles long if we did), there are some signature programs that are always available and provide the pillars of VIVA! for residents. Here are the programs that help our residents thrive and develop a lifestyle to enjoy.


Lifelong Learning

Guess what? You can teach a senior dog new tricks. In fact, they’re often the ones who enjoy learning the most! Being a lifelong learner is an important part of staying healthy and keeping your brain active. Every month, we provide learning opportunities for our residents, finding ways for them to participate in collegiate-level classes that range the gamut: history, art, literature, science and many, many other topics.



Human beings have an innate need and desire to create and be creative. ArtPATH was designed to let the artist inside of you be free to explore, promoting wellness through the arts. In this signature program, residents take ongoing glasses in various types of art media. Whether you’re a complete novice or an expert, you can enjoy ArtPATH. Some of the mediums our residents have worked with include oils, fiber art, sculpting, performance art and more.


Victory Gardens

Gardening is an excellent activity for all ages. It gives you a workout, a dose of vitamin D, stimulates the senses and allows you to grow healthy, nourishing fruits and vegetables. After all, one cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle is healthy food. Our residents roll up their sleeves and work their green thumbs to grow a score of tomatoes, cucumbers and other fresh vegetables, which are then delivered to the kitchen so our culinary staff can use them in meals. Talk about farm to table!


VIVA! World Tour

Traveling the world is possible, even these days. Through VIVA!SM World Tour, our residents go around the globe without ever having to leave home. Every month, we choose a new country and dive into their language, cuisine and culture. It’s an opportunity to get a glimpse into different lifestyles, learn about the world around us and expand our horizons.


Ageless Allies

One of our residents’ favorite programs, Ageless Allies pairs seniors with members of the local community to learn, grow, nurture relationships and create meaningful connections. Our residents work with individuals of many different ages, sharing their knowledge and wisdom while learning new ideas and skills from their generation buddy. Staying engaged with the world around you and making multigenerational friends helps you live well.



Music is the most universal language and has numerous benefits: it boosts your mood, brings memories to the surface and allows you the pleasure of creating. Encore brings music to our residents in all its different formats and opportunities. Our residents can learn a new instrument, attend concerts, join a choir or drum circle, dance to their heart’s content … any way the music moves them.


Ultimately, our signature programming provides holistic health that helps our residents thrive. And that, simply, is what it’s all about.

Live Well. Age Well. Be Well.

At Azpira at Windermere, located in Windermere, FL, we’re redefining how older adults Live Well. Age Well. Be Well. Our lifestyle is far from “typical.” Our vibrant and engaging Assisted Living and uplifting A Knew Day® Memory Support inspires our residents to live passionately with purpose every single day.

Step outside your apartment and you’ll experience a community offering thoughtful and award-winning VIVA!SM programs that are proven to enhance your life spiritually, mentally and physically. Azpira at Windermere’s team of specially trained wellness professionals is passionate about building unique relationships with every resident and guiding older adults as they set new goals, forge new relationships and live life at their own pace.

Azpira at Windermere is all about creating an environment that is ahead of the curve in wellness, fitness, spirituality, technology and preventative care. As the times and technology are changing, so are we. Residents and their families, along with our Resident Care Manager, will meticulously build a wellness plan that addresses medicine distribution, fitness objectives, nutrition needs and socialization goals.​

Get excited about life at Azpira at Windermere. Our team is eager to guide you on the path you want to live – whether it’s enjoying your own city, exploring new ones, spending time with old friends or spearheading a program of your own, this is your time to live the life you want with the luxury you deserve.​

To learn more or to schedule a personal visit, contact us at 407-278-8508.