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How the Azpira Lifestyle Promotes Aging Well

One of the best things you can give yourself in your senior years is the gift of aging well. But what does that mean? Well, it means something a little bit different to each person. For some, this could mean spending their days relaxing, enjoying the free time they so richly deserve. Others may look at this as just one more chapter in their exciting life – an opportunity to become even more active with the things they love. Others may want to pursue a new career or hobby, or spend time helping with their grandchildren or any number of other things. 

“Aging well isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of lifestyle, which is actually a great thing for the seniors of today,” says Ashley Lodi, Executive Director of Azpira at Windermere. “Since the idea of aging and what it means to be a senior is rapidly changing in today’s society, the old expectations are going out the window. Senior living communities are transforming in response. No longer is a community a place you dread going. Today, you’ll find the experience is all about you and helping you Live Well. Age Well. Be Well.”

At Azpira at Windermere, seniors will find more than just a community – they’ll find opportunities. “While aging in place in your current home is a goal for many seniors, there are a lot of benefits to moving into a community like Azpira at Windermere,” Ashley says. “Our community has been built with the needs of the 62-and-older crowd in mind, whether they’re completely independent or need a little extra assistance to live a lifestyle they love.”

What Aging Well Means at Azpira at Windermere

Here are just some of the ways that Azpira at Windermere makes “aging well” a state of being – and an exciting opportunity – for residents.

It means ... everything you want to do and all the time to do it. 

Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to slow down. Far from it, in fact. One of the keys to aging well means becoming involved and engaged in the things you love to do ... and because you’re in your senior years, you have so much more time to make that happen. 

At a senior living community like Azpira at Windermere, seniors find that they suddenly have all the time in the world to make their dreams and desires come true. Our maintenance-free lifestyle means that our residents no longer have to deal with home repairs, or cleaning their homes, or doing their laundry or even cooking if they don’t want to. The friendly and caring staff take care of all the details so our residents can spend their time doing the things they want to do, not things they have to do. So, if you’ve always wanted to learn how to speak French, or pick up competitive knitting or spend time visiting friends and family, you’ll find you have everything – and all the time – you need to make that happen. 

It means ... a warm, welcoming community of friends. 

Staying social isn’t just fun – it’s an important part of healthy aging. Studies have shown that seniors who remain active and engaged with friends and family end up being healthier, happier and less stressed than counterparts who become socially isolated. It can be hard to remain connected when you live on your own in a family home. But when you move to a senior living community like Azpira of Windermere? Instantly, you’re part of a big family of peers and friends who are in the same stage of life as you ... and are just as excited about it as you are. Everywhere you go, you’ll see friends at art classes, during music lessons, in the dining room or on a fun excursion. Staying social is as easy as walking out your front door ... and with so many people to go on adventures with, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to move here. 

It means ... everything you need to stay as independent as possible. 

We might not like to think about it, but the fact is that most of us – if not all of us – will need some help to stay healthy, active and independent once we reach a certain age. At Azpira at Windermere, you’ll never have to worry about getting the care you need because you’ll always be able to receive supportive care and dignified options that allow you to live as independently as possible. Our community offers Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Support services all on the same campus. That means you’ll always be able to live well and age well in your home ... no matter what. 

It means ... a focus on whole-person health and wellness. 

Aging well means more than staying in peak physical condition. It also means nurturing our souls, engaging our minds, connecting with the people we care about and so much more. VIVA! Programming, designed by our parent company Pathway to Living®, ensures that the residents of Azpira at Windermere live well through all seven dimensions of wellness. From staying physically active to creating art to finding volunteer opportunities to nourishing our brains with new ideas, there are so many opportunities to live life and enjoy every day. And it means you stay healthy in mind, body and soul – a combination that makes it easy to age well.

It means ... delicious dining that makes mealtime a treat.

Eating a good meal is one of the simple (or decadent) pleasures of life. So, say goodbye to what you think you know about “senior food” and say hello to fresh, local ingredients, internationally inspired menus, made-from-scratch delights, options from local vendors and so much more. No pre-made, tasteless, frozen foods here. Our professional in-house chef, culinary team and nutritionist are some of the best in the business, and every day they work to create wonders that are both nutritionally balanced and delightfully delicious. 

“Azpira at Windermere is a truly one-of-a-kind community where seniors can Live Well. Age Well. Be Well!” says Ashley. “Every day is a chance to experience something new and see where life can take you. With fantastic services, high-end amenities, fine dining, caring staff and so much more, you’ll find that there are no limits to what’s possible, and no barriers to achieving your dreams and goals. And isn’t that what aging well is all about?”

For more information about our innovative senior living community, or to schedule a visit of Azpira at Windermere, please contact us at 407-278-8508.

Live Well. Age Well. Be Well.

At Azpira at Windermere, located in Windermere, FL, we’re redefining how seniors Live Well. Age Well. Be Well. Our lifestyle is far from “typical.” Our vibrant and engaging Assisted Living and uplifting A Knew Day® Memory Support inspires our residents to live passionately with purpose, every single day.

Step outside your apartment and you’ll experience a community offering thoughtful and award-winning VIVA! programs that are proven to enhance your life spiritually, mentally and physically. Azpira’s team of specially trained wellness professionals are passionate about building unique relationships with every resident and guiding seniors as they set new goals, forge new relationships and live life at their own pace.

Azpira is all about creating an environment that is ahead of the curve in wellness, fitness, spirituality, technology and preventative care. As the times and technology are changing, so are we. Residents and their families, along with a Resident Care Manager, will meticulously build a wellness plan that addresses medicine distribution, fitness objectives, nutrition needs and socialization goals. ​ 

Get excited about life at Azpira at Windermere. Our team is eager to guide you on the path you want to live – whether it’s enjoying your own city, exploring new ones, spending time with old friends, or spearheading a program of your own, this is your time to live the life you want with the luxury you deserve.​