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New Year & New Beginnings at Azpira Place of Breton

A new year means new beginnings. And for Azpira Place of Breton, we’re keeping our resolution to provide the best care and best home for families and their loved ones in 2019 and beyond.  As our community nears the end of renovations, Executive Director Beth Covault shares which amenities and elements the residents are most eager to experience. 

From the moment you walk into Azpira Place of Breton, you’ll notice a brighter and more vibrant foyer offering light and a peek into the assisted living and memory support community. 

“Our residents spend a lot of their time in the Community Life Room,” shares Covault. “Between learning about art, creating new pieces and simply spending time with the other residents, the revamped space will garner even more imagination and creation. I can’t wait to see that space bustling again.”

And after an afternoon of Pathway to Living’s signature ArtPath program, residents can mosey over to the opulent bathtique area for meditation, relaxation and serenity. “Carving out the time to focus on inner peace is so hard to do, but it’s so important,” shares Covault.  “With a packed schedule of programming and residents keeping busy, it’s vital that they also find moments in the day to relax and our bathtique area is an effective and luxurious way to achieve that quietness.”

As for Azpira Place’s Memory Support neighborhood, you’ll notice a comfortable and secure atmosphere that fosters thoughtful care and promoted health. Named A Knew Day, the team is looking forward to practicing person-centered care within the neighborhood. Covault explains, “Just because our neighborhood has different security measures doesn’t mean it comes with the cost of comfortable living.” Adding, “Memory Support residents and their families will appreciate the close attention to detail and considerate and tactful way this neighborhood was transformed into a home for everyone.”

So while you please pardon the mess as we finish up construction, we invite you in to see where our community is heading this year. We’re excited to welcome you in – and so are our residents.

To experience the change and find out more about what’s to come, pop in for a visit or call us at 616-288-4151.