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Resident Aileen Tyson Shares Her Love of Traveling

For resident Aileen Tyson at Azpira Place of Lake Zurich, she's traveled all her life. Between raising a family and finding adventure in all corners of the world, she is happy to bask in the memories of her traveled roads. Read her entry below of some of her most treasured stops on the map.

I love to travel. I have traveled a lot of the years, and I don't regret any of it.

Now that I am unable to go like I used to, I remember all the places I went and how much I got from them. My birth family traveled all over my native California, going to Yosemite every Memorial Day as the winter snow pack melting produced huge waterfalls. We went somewhere just about every weekend. We saw the National Parks, camped at the beach and the mountains, and we loved it.

In 1964, we decided to take our 6 children on a tour of the U.S. and see the world's fair in New York. We bought a VW bus, and outfitted ir for camping, and off we went. Several things impressed me. Standing on a windblown hill in Montana at the Custer Battlefield, I could feel the terror and death surrounding me. I could look down at the Little Big Horn River and see where the Indians had hidden, and I could feel anger and terror. I experienced the same feeling at Gettysburg.

But we saw beautiful things too. Yellowstone, with all its hot spots and geysers and buffalo, elk and bears were amazing. The fair was all we expected, as was Washington D.C., where we saw debates on the civil rights bill that President Johnson signed.

Now, I am able to dredge up those memories and think of all the things I have seen, and just enjoy myself.

The best part of Aileen's affinity for travel is that she continues to learn, explore and stamp her passport with Pathway to Living's signature program World Tour. To learn more about how you or your loved one can start or continue their own exploration, call today or schedule a visit.