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See How Easy Memory-making Fun Can Be

See How Easy Memory-Making Fun Can Be 

While setting priorities in the new year, why not include spending time with an older friend or loved one in your life? Make a date for an outing or activity with an aging parent, aunt, uncle or neighbor. Pick an activity you can enjoy together and mark your calendar for memory-making fun!

Seven Things to Do Together 

Check out the following suggested activities for “together time” that are simple to accomplish and won’t break the bank. The senior in your life will likely appreciate the time and effort more than you know. 

1. Enjoy fresh air – This can be as easy as taking a stroll around the block together or more elaborate like planning a fishing trip or day at the beach. 

2. Listen to music – Share your favorite playlist and then enjoy one from another era. If feeling ambitious, get tickets for a live concert—one at the local high school may be inexpensive and easy to attend. 

3. Be foodies – Don aprons and whip up a much-loved dish in your home kitchen or dine out at a favorite local restaurant. Try a late afternoon, weekday mealtime to avoid crowds. 

4. Go on a shopping spree – A trip to the local big box store, mall or meat market can be a memorable event with a shopping buddy…and quite practical too. 

5. Get gaming – Keep the competition old school with Scrabble, Yahtzee and Monopoly or plug in the Wii or other electronic gaming system to enjoy a more modern pastime. 

6. Book pampering appointments – Schedule side-by-side haircuts, manicures, pedicures and/or massages. Both of you will look and feel better! 

7. Chitchat – Connecting through conversation is one of the simplest and most fulfilling ways to enjoy one another’s company. You can share stories on a porch stoop or discuss current events over a cup of coffee or glass of wine. What you talk about may not be memorable, but the time spent together most likely will be.