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Surprise Keeps a Ballerina on Her Toes

Surprise Keeps a Ballerina on Her Toes

A ballerina print hanging in Age Well’s lobby caught the attention of residents Al and Connie Gobert. The image of the graceful dancer’s shadow triggered fond memories of Connie’s ballet dancing days for the couple. 

Connie started dancing at age 10, attended ballet school in Milwaukee, WI and played the lead role of Alice in a production of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. When she married Al, Connie took a lifelong dance partner of a different sort and a final bow from the stage. 

Al proudly told Age Well’s Executive Director Michael Leonhard about Connie’s dancing days and asked if they could have a copy of the print for their apartment. Not missing a beat, Michael ordered the ballerina print and presented it to Al and Connie in front of their friends at a happy hour. 

Shedding a few happy tears, Connie talked about her dancing days, recalling how proud she was of her pointe technique (standing straight on her toes!) and sharing that Swan Lake is her favorite ballet. “I love it so much!” Connie said of the framed print that perfectly represents the art form she once loved and how loved by all at Age Well she is today.