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Team members working in an awarding career in Senior Living

Team 1st- S.O.A.R



Pathway’s new Team 1st initiative is about attracting new talent and retaining our existing gifted and valuable team members!

With today’s staffing challenges, happy, motivated and dedicated team members are Pathway’s top strength. We’d like more of you! That’s why we are rewarding team members and helping them S.O.A.R with Pathway.

Get all the details on Pathway’s team member benefits here.


New and improved referral bonus: $500 for each candidate referral who gets hired and stays on for six months!


Be rewarded $500 for each new hire you successfully mentor as a “Your Guide!”

The Purpose of Your Guide role is to guide, support and accompany a new hire throughout the Your Path 6-month process.

Team members are selected to be “Your Guides” by department heads based on the following criteria:

· Positive attitude and love of job

· Patience

· Friendly

· Knowledgeable

· Good communicator

· Non-supervisor—program is designed for peer supporting peer.

Your Guide responsibilities:

· Question Buddy—a designated person a new hire can feel comfortable to ask any question.

· Role model—Your Guide is an example of an excellent team member.

· Immersion into the team environment—introduce to fellow team members, go out of your way to make new hires feel welcomed.

· Conduct direct one-on-one training in the first week—teach and train the basic elements of the job. This includes a combination of Tell, Show, Watch and Coach using both the shadow and side-by-side approach.

· Listen, encourage and facilitate necessary conversations. Use judgement in identifying when you can help a new hire, and when they need to have a conversation with someone else (Supervisor, BOM or ED).

Becoming a Your Guide:

· Team members volunteer or agree to opportunity if selected

· Appointment approved by Department Head

· Your Guide training session to learn about your purpose and responsibilities of your role and adult learning concepts.


Education reimbursement benefits!


· $3,500 max annual reimbursement for pre-approved, successfully completed Nursing Education.

· $2,500 max annual reimbursement for pre-approved, successfully completed Professional Development.

· $1,000 max annual reimbursement for pre-approved, successfully completed General Education.


· 6 months service in good standing.

· Average of 24 hours work per week.

· Commitment Agreement- 6 months of regular employment post successful completion of program to avoid repayment process.


1. Six months of service in good standing creates opportunity to submit a Pathway to Learning application. Eligible programs begin after 6-month service date and only approved programs receive benefits.

2. Applications sent to Pathway’s Vice President of Culture and Internal Brand to be reviewed and approved monthly based on course content criteria, length of service and current employment (active/good standing).

3. Reimbursement processed upon proof of successful completion of program and validation of active and good standing employment.

4. Partial pre-payment for Nursing Assistant programs with 50% of costs paid up front directly to provider with proof of participation, up to half maximum benefit


“Caught In the Act” recognizes team members who go above and beyond for residents and fellow team members.

When an executive director or department leader catches you in the act, you get a congratulatory certificate and are entered into a monthly drawing for a $100 gift card of your choice and quarterly drawing for a $250 bonus!

“Caught in the Act” criteria may include:

  •  Mission- Do your actions change the way society thinks about aging?
  •  Viva!- Are you a leader in promoting our culture focused on abilities, sense of purpose and meaningful moments?
  •  Internal Brand- Do you take “Care to know – then make it matter!” to a higher level?
  • Core Values- Are your actions shining examples of Reliability, Service, Kindness, and Trustworthiness?
  • Feedback- Do you receive recognition from residents and/or families?
  • Real-time observations—did we catch you in the act making a difference in someone’s life?

Ways to Be “Caught in the Act:”

  • On the spot when identified
  • Discussed in stand-up on a daily basis for cited examples
  • Communication/information received by residents, team members or families

After You are “Caught in the Act:”

  • You receive notification that you have been “Caught in the Act” and are congratulated by the Executive Director AND department leader for doing so and are entered into a prize drawing.
  • Copy of the “Caught in the Act” certificate is posted in team member lounge bulletin board for all colleagues to see.

Award Process:

  • Every team member is awarded the “Caught in the Act” notification form to congratulate them. The bottom of the form is entered into a monthly drawing (last day of the month) for a $100 gift certificate of their choice.
  • All “Caught in the Act” entries are submitted by the Business Office Manager to the Regional Director of Operations for a quarterly $250 bonus drawing per region.