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Easing the Move with Senior Relocation Services

When the time comes to move to an assisted living community, seniors and their families may dread packing up to leave. They may not know what to bring, know who to ask for help and may have a difficult time loading cars or even a moving truck. Unfortunately, many seniors and their families deal with the stresses of moving, but the good news is that they don’t necessarily have to. 

According to Jeneen Hansen, Director of Community Relations at Azpira Place® of Lake Zurich, an Assisted Living community in Lake Zurich, IL, senior relocation services are available to help transition seniors from their current home to their new assisted living community. “Senior move managers and relocation services can help make the transition to assisted living much easier than many seniors realize,” says Hansen. “In fact, the most dreaded part is often downsizing, trying to determine which items to bring along and how to get them there. This is where the move managers and relocators can step in to help. They can assist with a number of things and help to make the transition not only easier, but much less overwhelming for you and for everyone involved.” 


The Benefits of Senior Relocation Services

Whether you live far away from those who can help you move or you simply want a worry-free way to make the transition to assisted living easier, senior relocation services can help. According to AARP®, some of the services that senior move managers offer can include:

Helping to plan the transition. When moving to assisted living, many seniors aren’t sure where to start. Do they begin downsizing first? Do they sort through items they want and don’t want? Who will move the heavy items and plan what needs to go along?  Move managers can help facilitate conversation between the client and the community to discover what items can be brought along and just how much will need to be downsized. They will also supervise and arrange for items to be transported once it’s time to move in. 

Assisting with sorting and downsizing. Because they have no attachment or connection to the items that many families do, they can offer an outside input on what needs to be brought along and what will need to stay home. They can help you place each item in piles of what to throw away, what to sell, what to pass down and what to take along to your assisted living community. 

Finding creative ways to downsize items. When seniors and their families are focusing on a move, they aren’t likely finding ways to effectively sell or donate the items they are leaving behind. Senior Move Managers® can help by arranging to sell the items that aren’t going along through auctions, estate sales or consignment, according to AARP. They can also facilitate donations and provide the tax papers from doing so in order to help seniors get the most out of their beloved belongings. 

Helping unpack and set up a new home. While once the transition occurs, you may think your relationship with the Senior Move Manager is over, it may not be. It’s likely they will help you unpack your items with you, make your new home look similar to your old home for increased comfort and ensure nothing was broken or lost in the process. This can provide everyone with peace of mind and reassurance even in the new experience of moving. 


It’s important to realize that services can vary from mover to mover, so consider interviewing a few and asking exactly what is included in their pricing. Remember, not all movers are created equal and what works for some may not work for you and your needs. 


How to Choose the Right Mover for your Budget

Before choosing a service, it’s important to evaluate your options. This can help reduce stress and ensure you are getting the service you desire. In order to ensure you find the right relocation services for your budget and needs, try some of these tips from AARP.

Find reliable businesses. Again, Senior Move Managers can lead you in the direction of reliable movers who they’ve worked with for long amounts of time. If you are not working with a Move Manager, ask friends and family who they have worked with to get an idea of who may be a good fit. For added reassurance, you can ask your new assisted living community if they have preferred providers that they often work with and know will provide you with the service you deserve. 

Get estimates from each you are interested in. While an estimate over the phone may sound good enough, AARP suggests that an explanation of charges and a written estimate can help ensure costs and pricing don’t change on a whim. 

Ask the right questions. After you get estimates, it can help to ask what add-on charges there could be, from transportation and extra help to materials and more. Don’t forget to ask what the company covers if employees break, damage or lose any of your items. 

Keep suspicious prices in mind. When getting quotes did you notice that one seems a lot lower than the others? Beware of this. If it seems too good to be true, it very well could be. For added comfort, ask for references and the company’s location. Do your research and don’t just choose a company for a low price, as it could cost you in the long run.


For more information about senior relocation services and easing the move to assisted living, talk to the team at Azpira Place® of Lake Zurich. We can help lessen your stress and find you and your family relocation services that can help fit your budget and needs. For more information, call us today at 847-438-6100.


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