Signature programs offered by Azpira Place of Lake Zurich

Signature Programs

At Azpira Place of Lake Zurich, our purpose goes beyond offering gracious, larger-than-most apartment homes, amenities and support services for seniors. Here we enrich lives, foster purpose and offer a whole new way of aging healthfully and happily.

Friendships Key to Aging Well

An important part of life at Azpira Place of Lake Zurich is the focus on making new friends and sharing life experiences with kindred souls. Whether attending a cultural outing with neighbors, dining with friends or working on a community service project, many programs are enhanced by sharing them with someone else.

Healthy Aging

Another “secret” to aging well lies in caring for the mind, body and spirit. The Azpira lifestyle addresses all three of these aspects of wellness. Residents exercise their minds with Lifelong Learning Classes, including Computers 101, telling stories and reminiscing and vying for a coveted Scrabble championship win! They exercise and attend fitness classes, including chair chi, bi-weekly yoga classes and aerobics strengthen the body. And they enjoy opportunities for camaraderie, charity, and reflection as well as religious services, all of which engage the spirit. One Azpira resident does the laundry and others collect food and supplies for St. John the Evangelist Church’s homeless shelter.

Victory Gardens

In the summer months, Azpira Place of Lake Zurich residents grow select vegetables and herbs in their Victory Garden. Staff and residents get involved in planting, growing and harvesting the produce that is then prepared at cooking class or in residents’ own kitchens. They love to see what grows and eat the food right off the vine!

Just Plain Fun!

When they aren’t gardening or reaping the benefits of their harvest, Azpira Place of Lake Zurich residents relax and have fun. Scrapbooking fond memories, visiting with girls from the local Daisy Troop, loving on visiting pet therapy animals and, of course, playing a raucous hand or two with the Sheepshead Card Club are some of the many ways Azpira Place of Lake Zurich residents have fun. Others who have a musical or artistic flair pick up a harmonica or drum and join the monthly drumming circle or participate in ArtPath programs. And family members join in the good times too with Wii bowling tournaments and Scrabble games.

Senior making art at Azpira Place of Lake Zurich

Every month, our residents engage in programs from college level courses on various topics to adult educational series on photography, literature and other resident interests.

Senior making art at Azpira Place of Lake Zurich

This is not craft time! Art Path features different techniques from famed artists, sculptors and curators. Residents will take time to learn the history of the technique before producing their own masterpiece.

Seniors harvesting at Azpira Place of Lake Zurich

Residents have the opportunity to maintain their own vegetable garden and curate seasonal ingredients. It’s not uncommon for a summer dish to be topped with our own homegrown vegetables.

Viva! World Tour at Azpira Place of Lake Zurich

VIVA! World Tour invites residents to explore the world, experience different cultures and practice new languages all within their own home. Each month, residents will visit a new country, try their foods, dance to their music and stamp their Passport!

Viva link at Azpira Place of Lake Zurich

We’re keeping with the times! As technology advances, so do we! Residents can feel confident in their communication skills as all communities offer a media lab with computers, email capability and social media capability. We’re always here to help with any technical question you might have.

Good vibrations music service at Azpira Place of Lake Zurich

During Pathway’s Drumming and Vibrations circles, residents tap into their creative spirit. Using a variety of rhythmic instruments, residents exercise self expression and socialization with friends. Plus, it’s an effective full-body workout!

Sense sations at Azpira Place of Lake Zurich

Pathway offers a restaurant-quality dining experience, featuring fresh ingredients (often from our own garden), an inviting atmosphere and superior service. You’ll always enjoy a good meal surrounded by friends and thoughtful conversation.

See spot retire at Azpira Place of Lake Zurich

Adopt, don’t shop! At Pathway, we’re committed to rescuing dogs who need a loving and forever home. Every Pathway community you visit will have a four-legged resident!

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