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Our VIVA! Lifestyle is Changing the Way You Think About Aging

Aging may be a natural part of the journey of life, but getting old doesn’t have to be. That’s the approach at Aspired Living of La Grange and our innovative VIVA! SM lifestyle. 

“Who says you can’t teach a senior dog new tricks? Certainly not us,” says Terri Geppner, Director of Community Development at Aspired Living® of La Grange. “In fact, we believe this time if your life is the perfect time to learn new things, experience new adventures and discover new aspects of yourself. After all, you’ve finally reached the point where you have fewer responsibilities and chores. From here on out, you get to do only what you want to do ... and Aspired Living of La Grange is here to help you do just that.”

What does your perfect day look like? Waking up and doing tai chi with the sunrise, then eating a chef-prepared and healthy breakfast before heading to your salsa dancing lesson? Reading the newest book from a favorite author, then doing water aerobics before your evening outing to the symphony? Or is it simply sitting all day in the studio, painting or throwing pottery or doing whatever it is you love? There’s no reason you can’t make those perfect days happen during your senior years. 

“At Aspired Living of La Grange, we’re dedicated to redefining what aging sounds, looks and feels like,” says Terri. “Why can’t this be an exciting time of your life? Why shouldn’t you demand a lifestyle that's inspiring, fulfilling and engaging? Our VIVA! Lifestyle helps us nourish all seven dimensions of wellness to create healthy aging that’s worry-free, supportive, high-quality ... and most of all, Live Well. Age Well. Be Well!” Our mission is to change minds and lives by giving residents choice, convenience, a worry-free lifestyle, a supportive environment and the highest quality of life possible.”

So what is it about VIVA! that’s so innovative? Let’s start with the fact that it’s not just a program ... it’s the heartbeat of life at our community. It’s all about Live Well. Age Well. Be Well! It’s about embracing every stage of our lives as the best yet, and you can feel that philosophy as soon as you walk through our doors. It’s about celebrating life and getting everyone to join in with you. 

How Our Lifestyle Changes the Way You Think About Aging
At Aspired Living of La Grange, it’s all about opportunity. With the Pathway to Living® approach and a focus on Seven Dimensions of Wellness, we believe that senior living can be the answer for aging well each and every day. Here are just a handful of ways why and how Aspired Living of La Grange is changing minds and lives with our VIVA! lifestyle. 

Learning for a Lifetime
What have you always wanted to do? Learn? Accomplish? Did you once dream of writing a novel? Or learning how to play the piano? Whatever your passion, you’ll discover opportunities to explore it here. Each month, our Lifelong Learning program gives residents opportunities to learn new skills, hobbies and interests. 

Become an Artist
Art is not just in the end result – it’s in the creation. Within each individual beats the heart of an artist, and at Aspired Living of La Grange, you can set that talent free. Find a new way to express yourself and uncover an aptitude you never knew you had. 

Get Things Growing
Gardening is an enjoyable activity that gets you outdoors, gives you a daily dose of Vitamin D and is a great form of exercise – plus, you can eat the end results! The Victory Garden at Aspired Living of La Grange is a resident-run garden of vegetables and fruits that we use to create seasonally inspired dishes at our mealtimes. 

Go Around the World (from the Comfort of Home)
Culture comes to you each month thanks to our VIVA! World Tour. We do a deep dive into a different country around the world every month, learning the language, exploring the culture, listening to music, dancing and, of course, tasting the cuisine. It’s a world tour without ever having to get on a plane. 

Get Techy with It
Our fully equipped computer center gives you the chance to “plug in” to the latest technology and find new ways to communicate with family and friends. Want to surf the web? Go ahead. Ever wanted to learn how to build a website? We’ll help you. And don’t worry about “screwing stuff up.” There’s always an expert tech person available to help you out whenever you need it. 

Dance to the Music
We’re picking up Good Vibrations ... the VIVA! Good Vibrations program, that is. This rhythmic workout enables residents to use their bodies and instruments to create music, connection art and fun ... all while working up a sweat. 

Finding a New Best Friend
If you love pets, then you’ll love See Spot Retire, our senior dog adoption program. We adopt senior dogs from local shelters to become the “community pet,” giving everyone the benefit of pet ownership without having to deal with the responsibility. It’s a new lease on life for an old dog ... and a new friend for all our residents. 

Reinvent What Aging Means to You
This is the time of your life – and you have desires, aspirations and dreams you wish to chase. And now’s the time to make that happen. At Aspired Living of La Grange, our luxurious services, gracious amenities and innovative programming will inspire comfort, encourage health and promote an overall sense of well-being and happiness ... every day. 

For more information about our innovative new senior living community, please contact our Welcome Center at 708-365-8593.

Live Well. Age Well. Be Well. at Aspired Living® of La Grange.
Opening Early 2020
When you step through the doors of our Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Support community, you’ll notice something different. Something exciting. Something exceptional! At Aspired Living of LaGrange, we believe that moving to senior living is something that should be supported and celebrated.  

Wellness is at the heart of everything we do at Aspired Living of La Grange. From VIVA!SM award-winning programming that inspires each resident every day to live engaged, connected and fulfilled to VIVA! Plus, which brings coordinated health care right to our residents' apartments, we do all we can to ensure that our residents Live Well. Age Well. Be Well!

Every day is a new opportunity to grow, laugh, share, learn and thrive. Gather with friends for delicious, nutritious meals in our all-day dining room or enjoy a lively happy hour in our wine bar. Relax with a massage or spa treatment in our spa and salon. Stay fit and healthy with our fitness center, or spend the day painting in our art studio. It’s all up to you!

Offering delicious dining options, award-winning VIVA! programming by Pathway to Living®, programming designed to inspire the whole person and so much more, Aspired Living of La Grange provides seniors with the best of both worlds – the exceptional care they require, and the inspiring lifestyle they deserve 

To learn more about our community or to reserve your apartment, contact us today.