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Three Must-ask Questions About Memory Care

Three Must-ask Questions About Memory Care

To find out if a memory care provider is a good fit for your loved one, start by asking three simple questions. The community’s response to these questions will let you know if you should consider the community further or move on to the next community. 

While several other questions are important to ask, these will provide an excellent starting point to evaluate if the community is in line with you and your loved one’s philosophy of life and care.

The three questions to ask and what information to look for in the answers are: 

What’s your care philosophy?
Every memory support program should have an overall philosophy that guides their approach to care and one that team members can easily articulate. A good philosophy will emphasize the importance of focused attention, unconditional love, patience, good listening skills, fostering independence and promoting individuality.

How do you get to know each resident?
The community should have protocols for getting to know each resident on a personal basis. Most communities will complete an Individual Care and/or Service Plan before a resident moves in. This document helps them assess the amount and type of care needed as well as notes personal preferences for morning and bedtime rituals and socializing and details about the resident’s life such as careers, hobbies and passions. Caregivers typically spend the first couple of weeks getting to know the resident firsthand and, then after about 14 days, update the care plan based on personal observations and interactions.

How do you promote happiness and wellbeing?
Look for caregivers who are focused on preserving a sense of purpose and personal identity for the residents they serve. The ways to accomplish this are as varied and unique as each resident. Some find purpose in helping with community chores like putting away clean dishes or setting up activities, while others enjoy tapping their feet to familiar songs, exercising in rhythm or tending to an outdoor garden. Whatever the activity, it’s important for residents to maintain freedom of choice and the ability to be in charge.

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