Assisted living in Chicago, IL

Senior Apartments in Chicago, IL

Apartments are a popular choice for adults who are ready to retire and celebrate the next phase of life – the VIVA! way. You will be welcomed by a community of adults 62 and over who are leading engaging and stimulating lives, but who are ready to leave the mundane details behind. It’s time to retire and get going, because life is waiting for you.

Victory Centre of South Chicago’s Senior Apartment building is also home to a City of Chicago Senior Center on the first floor. The Senior Center gives Victory Centre residents access to health and wellness resources as well as social opportunities and ways to stay connected to the South Chicago community.

Enjoy Maintenance-Free Living

Get out there and enjoy yourself – as we take care of everyday tasks like washing windows, mowing lawns and other routine maintenance, you have the luxury to pursue the things you’re passionate about. Our senior apartments foster a stimulating environment that encourages your growth – physically, mentally and spiritually.