Signature programs offered by Alexian Village of Elk Grove

Signature Programs

Beyond beautiful surroundings, Alexian Village’s friendly vibe, robust daily programming, and time-honored traditions contribute to a fulfilling lifestyle. Here are a few highlights of why Alexian Village is such a unique and special place to call home.

Making a Better World

Alexian residents and staff unite for good causes as well as good times.

Alexian residents and staff unite for good causes as well as good times. Each June, they participate in Elk Grove Village’s American Cancer Society Relay for Life. Cancer has touched many lives at Alexian, so residents, family, and team members walk to honor loved ones at the main event or at Alexian’s mini-relay. Others raise money by creating and selling arts and crafts. Residents also support the Elk Grove Village community by collecting food for the town’s food pantry and by hosting an annual lunch to honor local “heroes” such as police, fire and paramedic professionals.

Award-Winning Gourd Fest

International Council on Active Aging Industry Innovation Award winner

Alexian’s award-winning Gourd Fest is truly a one-of-a-kind annual event. Recognized as a pioneering, life-enrichment program for older adults by the International Council on Active Aging, Alexian’s Gourd Fest starts humbly with the simple planting of seeds. After transplanting the gourds outdoors, residents work to create a “gourd hut.” Gardeners train the vines to grow over a trellis and hand-pollinate using paint brushes laden with pollen to dust into the center of the female flowers as they open in the evenings. After months of patiently tending to the plants, the result is a spectacular green-leafed, squash-blooming space that provides a shady spot to sit and a natural wonder of beauty in Alexian’s courtyard.

Celebrating the harvest, residents and staff host the family-oriented Gourd Fest in the fall complete with artisans, musicians, storytellers, food and a bonfire!

Honoring Life Stories

While enjoying new experiences, preserving life memories is also a priority. Residents reminisce about past stories, recite poems or even sing songs to be recorded and saved to a DVD for future generations to experience. On Valentine’s Day each year, residents renew their vows and celebrate long-lived love.

Daily Dose of Fun

Day-to-day, residents have ample opportunities to keep mentally sharp, physically fit and socially engaged. Alexian residents actually lead many programs themselves like daily exercise classes and trivia quizzes as well as regular game nights and lifelong learning discussions. Fitness buffs can take the six pack ab attack class designed to help with fall prevention offered through Alexian’s rehab partner.

Programs such as Pathway’s ArtPath give residents a creative outlet for artistic expression. Alexian residents have studied and practiced Pennsylvania Dutch painting, Australian Aboriginal art and sculpting with polymer clay—a favorite! Another creative outlet, Good Vibrations, helps residents keep the beat while playing drums and rhythm instruments. Our bus driver, Mike, who is also a musician, leads drumming circles at the community two to three times a month.

Opportunity for Adventure

Some Alexian residents enjoy more extreme adventures . . .

Some Alexian residents enjoy more extreme adventures on outings like hot air ballooning, horseback riding or day and overnight Camp VIVA! trips. Our bus driver, Mike, also takes residents to museums, restaurants, theaters, sporting events and on an occasional scenic drive through the neighborhoods where many of our residents once lived. He knows his way around pretty much everywhere and is a fabulous guide!

There’s no telling where life at Alexian will take you! See for yourself by scheduling a tour today.

Senior making art at Alexian Village of Elk Grove

Every month, our residents engage in programs from college level courses on various topics to adult educational series on photography, literature and other resident interests.

Senior making art at Alexian Village of Elk Grove

This is not craft time! Art Path features different techniques from famed artists, sculptors and curators. Residents will take time to learn the history of the technique before producing their own masterpiece.

Seniors harvesting at Alexian Village of Elk Grove

Residents have the opportunity to maintain their own vegetable garden and curate seasonal ingredients. It’s not uncommon for a summer dish to be topped with our own homegrown vegetables.

Viva! World Tour at Alexian Village of Elk Grove

VIVA! World Tour invites residents to explore the world, experience different cultures and practice new languages all within their own home. Each month, residents will visit a new country, try their foods, dance to their music and stamp their Passport!

Viva link at Alexian Village of Elk Grove

We’re keeping with the times! As technology advances, so do we! Residents can feel confident in their communication skills as all communities offer a media lab with computers, email capability and social media capability. We’re always here to help with any technical question you might have.

Good vibrations music service at Alexian Village of Elk Grove

During Pathway’s Drumming and Vibrations circles, residents tap into their creative spirit. Using a variety of rhythmic instruments, residents exercise self expression and socialization with friends. Plus, it’s an effective full-body workout!

Sense sations at Alexian Village of Elk Grove

Pathway offers a restaurant-quality dining experience, featuring fresh ingredients (often from our own garden), an inviting atmosphere and superior service. You’ll always enjoy a good meal surrounded by friends and thoughtful conversation.

See spot retire at Alexian Village of Elk Grove

Adopt, don’t shop! At Pathway, we’re committed to rescuing dogs who need a loving and forever home. Every Pathway community you visit will have a four-legged resident!