Signature programs offered by Victory Centre of Joliet

Signature Programs

With so many purposeful, physically challenging and intellectually stimulating things to do at Victory Centre of Joliet, a resident could easily and happily become a “homebody.” But, living in a residential neighborhood close to shopping, Bicentennial Park, and downtown Joliet keeps residents venturing out and actively connected to the larger community.

See how, inside and out, Victory Centre of Joliet residents are living the good life!

Fostering a Sense of Family and Community

Joliet residents spread sunshine through volunteer efforts

Due to the smaller size of Victory Centre of Joliet, our residents become even more like family than in a larger community. Just like being part of a family, our residents take an active role in the day to day happenings of their home. Some residents share the responsibility of welcoming new residents and introducing them around. Others make sure no resident or team member’s birthday gets missed by presenting a card signed by all on their big day. Residents also give back to the community by making flower vases for the Joliet Hospice and fleece pillows for children at local hospitals. They collect school supplies for nearby Farragut Elementary School, food for local shelters and plastic bags to be made into mats for the homeless.

Sharing Talents and Stories

Victory Centre residents share their talents too. Like the musically-gifted resident Bonnie who plays the community’s keyboard for happy hours, special events and spiritual programs. The hymns are the favorite as are oldies but goodies like “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” and “Rock-A-Bye Your Baby.” Bonnie also jams with Joliet’s rhythm musicians as part of the popular Good Vibrations drumming circles.

The weekly Story Trails program promotes relationship building while celebrating each resident’s individuality. Residents get to know each other on a deeper level by sharing personal stories on set topics such as first dates, family traditions, traveling, and childrearing.

Out and About

Victory Centre of Joliet residents enjoy regular trips to local destinations like the Adler Planetarium, Museum of Science and Industry, Joliet Historical Museum and Chicago Historical Museum. They also enjoy an open invitation to participate in the annual opportunity to go horseback riding and camping on a day or overnight trip with Camp! VIVA.

Stretching our minds: onsite lifelong learning classes

There’s ample ways to exercise the brain and body at Victory Centre of Joliet

Onsite Lifelong Learning Center classes help turn Victory Centre of Joliet into a college campus with online educational classes, enlightening educational movies like Discovery’s “Blue Planet,” and guest lecturers. Residents can participate in these monthly educational opportunities as well pursue other brain stimulating programs like learning to speak Spanish or play an instrument.

The ongoing exploration of other cultures, lands and ethnic traditions is part of Joliet’s VIVA! World Tour program. Each month arm-chair travelers virtually visit new destinations by sampling other area’s foods, arts and crafts, languages and dialects and viewing their natural and man-made wonders. Joliet’s culinary club especially enjoys cooking up new recipes inspired by the World Tour!

To help keep their bodies as fit, Victory Centre residents can work up a sweat in yoga, laughter yoga or chair chi. Others prefer to join the walking club or the resident-led dance class. In warmer months, we also enjoy gardening outdoors in Joliet’s Victory Garden.

There’s no telling where life at Victory Centre of Joliet will take you! See for yourself by scheduling a tour today.

Senior making art at Victory Centre of Joliet

Every month, our residents engage in programs from college level courses on various topics to adult educational series on photography, literature and other resident interests.

Senior making art at Victory Centre of Joliet

This is not craft time! Art Path features different techniques from famed artists, sculptors and curators. Residents will take time to learn the history of the technique before producing their own masterpiece.

Seniors harvesting at Victory Centre of Joliet

Residents have the opportunity to maintain their own vegetable garden and curate seasonal ingredients. It’s not uncommon for a summer dish to be topped with our own homegrown vegetables.

Viva! World Tour at Victory Centre of Joliet

VIVA! World Tour invites residents to explore the world, experience different cultures and practice new languages all within their own home. Each month, residents will visit a new country, try their foods, dance to their music and stamp their Passport!

Viva link at Victory Centre of Joliet

We’re keeping with the times! As technology advances, so do we! Residents can feel confident in their communication skills as all communities offer a media lab with computers, email capability and social media capability. We’re always here to help with any technical question you might have.

Good vibrations music service at Victory Centre of Joliet

During Pathway’s Drumming and Vibrations circles, residents tap into their creative spirit. Using a variety of rhythmic instruments, residents exercise self expression and socialization with friends. Plus, it’s an effective full-body workout!

Sense sations at Victory Centre of Joliet

Pathway offers a restaurant-quality dining experience, featuring fresh ingredients (often from our own garden), an inviting atmosphere and superior service. You’ll always enjoy a good meal surrounded by friends and thoughtful conversation.

See spot retire at Victory Centre of Joliet

Adopt, don’t shop! At Pathway, we’re committed to rescuing dogs who need a loving and forever home. Every Pathway community you visit will have a four-legged resident!

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