Signature programs offered by Victory Centre of Park Forest

Signature Programs

At Victory Centre of Park Forest, our purpose goes beyond offering gracious, larger-than-most apartment homes, amenities and support services for seniors. Here we enrich lives, foster purpose and offer a whole new way of aging healthfully and happily.

An engaging, vibrant and healthful place to live!

Winning the Beautification Award two times in recent years from the town of Park Forest is a testament to the pride and attention to detail Victory Centre of Park Forest embodies. But much more than just a pretty façade, it’s the inner-beauty of those who live and work here that makes Victory Centre of Park Forest an engaging, vibrant and healthful place to live.

Staff Connect in Special Ways

Bonding through shared and new interests

Victory Centre of Park Forest’s staff not only brings their “A” game to the job each day, they also take time to share outside interests and passions with residents. Like Maintenance Manager Kevin, who leads ArtPath classes with talks and instruction on topics such as still-life painting, sculpting and line drawing. Business Office Manager and history buff, Kirsten, takes residents on a monthly trip down memory lane. Her hour-long chats explore a specific decade in history, testing folk’s knowledge as they reminisce. Dining Chef Ronnell hosts monthly cooking demonstrations, sharing new recipes with step-by-step instructions and then serving the delicious creations during happy hour. Each month, department managers rotate leading programs, keeping topics fresh and bonding with residents through shared and new interests.

Residents Make the Days Remarkable

Through sharing their time and talents, residents are creating a robust activity calendar and a more inspiring place to live. Janet, a resident and certified yoga instructor, regularly guides fellow residents through yoga poses and deep breathing exercises. A few independent living residents get their groove on teaching line dancing classes. Wii bowling, Spades card games, and regular discussions about musical legends are all led by residents as well.

Keep Coming Back for More

While residents are always up for new experiences, there’s a group of core programs at Victory Centre of Park Forest that remains popular and well attended. Casino night, book club, poetry group and lifelong learning courses that are perennial favorites.

Victory Centre of Park Forest believes that it is important for our residents to continue to learn, keep mentally challenged and continue to grow as a person. Our Life-long learning program does just that. Every 6 weeks our residents participate in programs from college level classes on topics like great explorers and medieval Europe to adult educational series on photography, literature, and mysteries of the universe.

Residents also look forward to outings to the casino, bowling alley, movies, museums, sporting events, churches and temples to name a few. When the weather is nice, tending to Park Forest’s Victory Garden is a popular pastime made even more meaningful by using the produce and herbs grown in our cooking classes.

Camp VIVA! is an annual favorite with our residents. Pathway's Camp VIVA! is an award-winning and ground-breaking wellness program that provides residents with the opportunity to fish, swim, tell stories, horseback ride, and camp in the great outdoors. Our happy campers recapture their youthful spirit while strengthening their bodies, calming their minds and restoring their souls in nature.

There’s no telling where life at Victory Centre of Park Forest will take you! See for yourself by scheduling a tour today.

Senior making art at Victory Centre of Park Forest

Every month, our residents engage in programs from college level courses on various topics to adult educational series on photography, literature and other resident interests.

Senior making art at Victory Centre of Park Forest

This is not craft time! Art Path features different techniques from famed artists, sculptors and curators. Residents will take time to learn the history of the technique before producing their own masterpiece.

Seniors harvesting at Victory Centre of Park Forest

Residents have the opportunity to maintain their own vegetable garden and curate seasonal ingredients. It’s not uncommon for a summer dish to be topped with our own homegrown vegetables.

Viva! World Tour at Victory Centre of Park Forest

VIVA! World Tour invites residents to explore the world, experience different cultures and practice new languages all within their own home. Each month, residents will visit a new country, try their foods, dance to their music and stamp their Passport!

Viva link at Victory Centre of Park Forest

We’re keeping with the times! As technology advances, so do we! Residents can feel confident in their communication skills as all communities offer a media lab with computers, email capability and social media capability. We’re always here to help with any technical question you might have.

Good vibrations music service at Victory Centre of Park Forest

During Pathway’s Drumming and Vibrations circles, residents tap into their creative spirit. Using a variety of rhythmic instruments, residents exercise self expression and socialization with friends. Plus, it’s an effective full-body workout!

Sense sations at Victory Centre of Park Forest

Pathway offers a restaurant-quality dining experience, featuring fresh ingredients (often from our own garden), an inviting atmosphere and superior service. You’ll always enjoy a good meal surrounded by friends and thoughtful conversation.

See spot retire at Victory Centre of Park Forest

Adopt, don’t shop! At Pathway, we’re committed to rescuing dogs who need a loving and forever home. Every Pathway community you visit will have a four-legged resident!

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