Assisted living in Westmont, IL

Memory Care in Westmont, IL

Aspired Living of Westmont offers exceptional care, understanding and connection for those with Alzheimer's disease, dementia and other forms of memory loss.

Our A Knew Day Memory Care community is designed as a stand-alone center, but there is an entrance to Assisted Living for couples that need both areas of care. Residents enjoy the privacy of their own studio apartments, a safe, secure outdoor courtyard, as well as a host of community amenities that greatly expand their living area.

Specialized Memory Care Programming

Aspired Living of Westmont is the first community in North America that is on the path to becoming a Spark of Life Centre of Excellence. Our team is certified to offer Spark of Life, a groundbreaking memory care program developed and perfected in Australia.

This amazing program has been proven to actually provide rehabilitation for the brain  called "rementia"  reigniting the spark inside, helping those with memory impairment become engaged and communicative again. This success-oriented program provides our specially trained team with new tools and methods for communication with residents, opening up worlds of possibilities.

Specialty Training

Every member of the Aspired Living of Westmont team who works in memory care receives intensive training in this unique program, as well as ongoing training to ensure the best experience possible for our residents.


Your Wellness Plan

Upon moving into your new home, you will have the opportunity to sit down with us as we tailor an individualized wellness plan for you and your needs. You maintain your life with freedom and integrity – we take care of the details.

To learn more about our Memory Care approach and Assisted Living Options, contact us today. We are excited to welcome you to Aspired Living of Westmont.