Assisted living in Westmont, IL

Memory Care in Westmont, IL

At Aspired Living® of Westmont, we strive to provide seniors with memory loss with groundbreaking, progressive and forward-thinking care. Through rementia, a process that is proven to rehabilitate the brain and reignite the spark in seniors with dementia, we are doing just that and even more.

Now offering Spark of Life®, a new approach to dementia care that can enrich the lives of those with dementia, we are helping seniors to celebrate and embrace their lives while inspiring them to live fully every day.

Recognized and awarded by the International Association of Homes & Services for the Aging and offered solely in the United States by Pathway to Living™, Spark of Life® is a groundbreaking memory care program proven to rehabilitate the brain  a process called rementia   lifting the spirit and awakening dormant abilities, including speech. 

Together with Spark of Life® and Pathway to Living™, we are changing the way society thinks about aging and dementia care.


Your Wellness Plan

Upon moving into your new home, you will have the opportunity to sit down with us as we tailor an individualized wellness plan for you and your needs. You maintain your life with freedom and integrity – we take care of the details.

Discover more about our Memory Care approach and Assisted Living Options; contact us today. We are excited to welcome you to Aspired Living of Westmont.