Signature programs offered by Aspired Living of Westmont

Signature Programs


At Aspired Living of Westmont, we offer Pathway® Senior Living’s signature, award-winning VIVA!℠ lifestyle – an approach that offers an entirely new way of aging healthfully and happily, encouraging and inviting residents to live each day with purpose, fulfillment, and meaning. VIVA!℠ offers a combination of programs, including a number of proven Pathway Senior Living programs that have been perfected over time, as well as customized programs developed specifically for individual residents.

Customized Programs

We find out what our residents like to do, as well as discover things that they want to experience, and develop programming that meets their wishes. VIVA! offers a variety of social, educational and spiritual programs as well as the chance for people to share their skills, talents, and passions with others through resident-led activities.

These resident-led activities are as diverse as our residents themselves, creating unique opportunities for everyone and shaping the community in which they are offered. This programming encourages residents to share their expertise and experience with others, opening up new worlds of possibility, exploration, education and fun!

VIVA!℠ Programs

Inspire the artist within! We offer regular and ongoing instruction in various art mediums for both beginning and experienced artists. Rewarding, creative and fun, ARTPath is a cornerstone of our Wellness Programming.

Extreme VIVA!℠
A celebration of the great outdoors. We take our residents out to appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature. From camping and horseback riding to ice fishing and more, we get outside to be inspired inside.

Good Vibrations
Within Pathway's drumming and vibration circles, residents explore their creative sides and exercise self-expression using a variety of rhythm instruments from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Learning with Pathway®
We believe that it is important for our residents to continue to learn, stay mentally engaged and continue to grow as a person. Our life-long learning program does just that. Every month, our residents participate in programs from college-level classes on topics like great explorers and medieval Europe to our adult educational series on photography, literature, and mysteries of the universe.

Pet-Friendly Senior Living
Pathway's canine companion program offers older dogs new lives and affords residents meaningful relationships and unconditional affection.

Sharing and Caring
It’s better to give than to receive. We invite and encourage our residents to share their talents, skills and expertise with others by leading workshops and programs, writing and editing newsletters, participating in community service projects and so much more.

Victory Garden Harvest
Some call our Victory Gardens "horticulture therapy." Others say that it is an environmentally friendly thing to do. But our Pathway gardeners say raising killer tomatoes and a bumper cucumber crop is just good old-fashioned and productive fun!

VIVA!℠ World Tour
VIVA! World Tour invites residents to see the world, experience exotic cultures and practice foreign languages...all without ever leaving home. From learning Egyptian dance moves to creating Chilean rain sticks to celebrating Holi in Fiji, VIVA! World Tour expands the mind while satisfying the travel bug.