Pet friendly senior living in Westmont, IL

Pet Friendly Senior Apartments in Westmont, IL

Dozens of older dogs have “retired” in comfort thanks to the signature See Spot Retire program created by Pathway to Living. See Spot Retire offers older dogs new lives and affords residents meaningful relationships and unconditional affection.

In these win-win adoptions, the dogs, like many of the senior residents, now have a new lease on life, and senior residents can enjoy the benefits of pet ownership without shouldering the responsibility and cost of caring for a dog.

The Value of Friendship

At Aspired Living of Westmont, we know firsthand the benefits of having your four-legged best friend by your side. The research backs up what we already know: that the love you share with your pet improves your health and enriches your life.

The Benefits of Pets

Improved Mood
Lower Blood
Pressure Relaxation
Stress Relief
Less Pain
Increased Connection

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