Why Choose Us

Why choose a Pathway Senior Living community? Simply because we think different.

Pathway's signature programs earn praises from residents, families, staff and the industry for their innovative approach to rethinking senior living.


SenseSations by Pathway Senior Living Pathway offers a restaurant-quality dining experience, featuring fresh ingredients, savory aromas, welcoming settings and great service, that appeals to all five senses. In addition to providing a variety of delicious and nutritious meals, Pathway's dining program provides "food for the soul" in the form of conversation and camaraderie with friends, neighbors and staff.


Good Vibrations by Pathway Senior LivingWithin Pathway's drumming and vibration circles, residents explore their creative sides and exercise self-expression using a variety of rhythm instruments from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.


India holiday celebrationVIVA! World Tour invites residents to see the world, experience exotic cultures and practice foreign languages...all without ever leaving home. From learning Egyptian dance moves, to creating Chilean rain sticks to celebrating Holi in Fiji, VIVA! World Tour expands the mind while satisfying the travel bug.


Art path program with PathwayRegular and ongoing instruction in various art modalities for beginning and experienced artists-at-heart is a cornerstone of our ARTPath wellness programming.


Victory garden harvestSome call our Victory Gardens "horticulture therapy". Others say that it is the environmentally-friendly thing to do. But our Pathway gardeners say raising killer tomatoes and a bumper cucumber crop is just good old, plain and productive fun!


Pet friendly senior livingPathway's canine companion program offers older dogs new lives and affords residents meaningful relationships and unconditional affection.


Lifes path program with PathwayPathway works to engage residents and their families in story telling giving residents an opportunity to preserve their life's story and let their legacies live on.


Senior teaching artVIVA! is as much about giving as receiving. Sharing one's talents helps foster deep satisfaction for many Pathway residents who lead workshops, edit newsletters, participate in service projects and share many gifts with one another and the greater community.


Learning with PathwayPathway believes that it is important for our residents to continue to learn, keep mentally challenged and continue to grow as a person. Our Life-long learning program does just that. Every 4 weeks our residents participate in programs from college level classes on topics like& great explorers and medieval Europe to adult educational series on photography, literature and mysteries of the universe.


VIVA! Link programCommunication is key. That's why Pathway offers senior-friendly computer classes and workstations and VIVA!Link, an on-line way for family members to connect with the community and access upcoming events and educational topics.