Our Philosophy

Our approach is so unique and so deeply ingrained in our culture that we even have a name for it – we call it “VIVA!”

  • We value elderhood as a viable and productive period of life.
  • We focus on providing well care, not sick care.
  • We take a holistic and proactive approach to enhancing our residents' lives.


VIVA! sets the tone for:
  • the personalized way we care for our residents
  • our individualized approach to supporting their overall well being
  • the way we engage residents in sharing their talents and living a meaningful life
  • the breadth and depth of experiences and lifestyle offerings we provide
  • the opportunity for residents to not only participate in the community, but to actually shape it
  • and our staff's commitment to intentionally support residents' independence and enrich their lives.


VIVA! offers a whole new way of living life to the fullest

With VIVA! our purpose goes beyond offering comfortable apartment homes with modern conveniences, amenities and supportive services for seniors.

VIVA! takes a whole new approach to resident wellness and person-centered care by integrating services that address physical needs as well as the as-important requirements of living a fulfilled and happy life.

VIVA! combines the strengths and capabilities of Pathway's wellness and community life departments to deliver a life-enriching approach to care that coordinates quality supportive services and award-winning programs to enhance residents lives.

Exterior of senior living facility by Pathway Senior Living LLC