Health and Wellness programs at Oak Hill Supportive Living Community

Health and Wellness Programming

VIVA! Pathway’s signature, award-winning VIVA! lifestyle fosters purpose and offers a whole new way of aging healthfully and happily. VIVA! offers a wealth of opportunities to enrich lives through social, educational and spiritual pursuits, as well as the chance for people to share their skills, talents and passions with others through resident-led activities.

Live Well

One large component of VIVA! at Oak Hill Supportive Living Community is health and wellness programming for both the mind and body. VIVA! offers programs like Tai Chi and yoga, as well as brain games and mental exercises, for the body and mind. Plus VIVA!’s wellness programs, like nutritional counseling and education on disease prevention and self-care, help reduce unwanted side-effects and lead to better living and aging well.

Age Well

Oak Hill Supportive Living Community takes a holistic and proactive approach to enhancing our residents' lives.

The VIVA! lifestyle is as much about leading programs, sharing talents and making a contribution as it is about participation. From intriguing book clubs to art classes, gardening, storytelling, camping and so much more, VIVA! offers ample opportunities for engagement, social interaction and meaningful contribution . . . all of which make for happier, healthier people.

Be Well

VIVA!’s comprehensive and coordinated care model focuses on well care, rather than sick care. It encourages residents to adopt healthier lifestyles and helps them actually prevent or postpone many age-related and chronic conditions that lead to unnecessary complications and hospitalizations. It’s called VIVA! Plus, and it complements the VIVA! lifestyle by bringing together an impressive group of third-party health care providers to give residents access to high-quality, coordinated medical and behavioral care options—all conveniently delivered in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

VIVA! Plus

VIVA! Plus provides truly integrated, resident-centered care and helps residents live well to recover more quickly.

VIVA! Plus physicians, pharmacists, home health nurses, physical and rehabilitation therapists, social workers, psychiatric nurses and hospice specialists all serve as an extension of the Oak Hill Supportive Living Community team. All providers are carefully selected for quality, share Pathway’s holistic VIVA! philosophy and work together to provide coordinated, seamless care. VIVA! Plus helps residents live well and recover more quickly when not well.

Your Daily Dose of Confidence

For example, residents and families can take comfort in knowing that Oak Hill Supportive Living Community’s VIVA! Plus preferred medication management partner offers industry-leading accuracy rates and inspects all medication orders for contraindications, interactions, duplications, toxicity, safety and efficacy.

Distributing and taking medications is made easy and convenient. Resident’s medications arrive in specialty OnePAC pouches that are segmented for each resident by day and time of day and clearly labeled. This means that nursing staff can spend less time worrying about medications and more time caring for residents. Plus residents can take their medications with confidence and a sense of independence.

Better Care Means Better Outcomes

Not only is accessing care providers made simple, but the VIVA! Plus team results are outstanding. Working with our trusted health care partners, Pathway communities, including Oak Hill Supportive Living Community, have reduced hospital 30-day readmissions by an average of one-third. Overall hospital admissions are on the decline as are the number of falls and injuries from falls.