Our Signature Programs

Live at Grand Victorian of Sycamore and be welcomed in by a unique variety of activities through our VIVA! lifestyle and Signature Programs and services.

Our award-winning VIVA! programs bring excitement and engagement to you or your loved one’s day-to-day routine. Whether you prefer connecting with neighbors and friends from the comfort of your own home, or getting out into our group programs, Grand Victorian of Sycamore designed VIVA! to complement your interests and skills. Our VIVA! Life Coordinator helps connect seniors with our photography classes, ArtPath programs, gardening activities, Ageless Allies program, Encore program, and so much more!

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Smart Socialization

Finding purpose and remaining engaged and active is made possible with proper safety measures during the COVID-19 pandemic. By regularly reviewing standards and protocols Grand Victorian of Sycamore is working to protect the health and safety of every resident. Social distance does not come at the cost of socialization. And while our VIVA! programs might look a little different, finding purpose and remaining engaged and active is made possible with proper safety measures. Small group programs are happening every day – with safe distancing and every team member and resident wearing medically approved surgical masks.

Lifelong learning at Grand Victorian of Sycamore in Sycamore, Illinois
Lifelong Learning - Residents engage in programs from college level courses on various topics to adult educational series on photography, literature and cultural and current events. Through virtual engagement and online resources, residents embrace new ideas and further their education.

ArtPath at Grand Victorian of Sycamore in Sycamore, Illinois
ArtPath - Unlike arts and crafts, Pathway’s ArtPath program introduces sophisticated techniques from renowned artists while encouraging individualism and expression. When working on collaborative pieces, residents can create their own masterpieces from their apartments and contribute to the community’s final product. Whether making multimedia designs or abstract canvases, artists are abundant at Grand Victorian of Sycamore.

Victory gardens at Grand Victorian of Sycamore in Sycamore, Illinois

Victory Gardens - Sowing seeds, nursing herbs and tending the greenhouse are year-round efforts for residents and team members. While our outdoor garden is a community effort, residents proudly show off their blossoming gardens from their own apartment homes. And the culinary team is always eager to incorporate the healthy and fresh grown ingredients into seasonal meals!

World tour at Grand Victorian of Sycamore in Sycamore, Illinois
World Tour - Traveling the world is at our fingertips with the World Tour program. Virtual visits to neighboring countries and road trips to untraveled states create experiences for residents that can only be appreciated from the comfort of home. Every month, residents are introduced to new ideas. By using optimal technology and thoroughly studied resources, culture around the world is accessible to every resident.

Ageless allies at Grand Victorian of Sycamore in Sycamore, Illinois
Ageless Allies - A favorite program among residents, Ageless Allies bridges relationships between seniors and our local community. Working with generations of all ages, learning and growing remains a two-way relationship. Residents embrace the opportunity to learn new ideas and connect with our youth while offering their own lessons and wisdom. Through video and virtual communication, this program remains essential to resident engagement.

Encore at Grand Victorian of Sycamore in Sycamore, Illinois
Encore - Music has endless potential to boost your mood, reinvigorate the brain and stimulate positive emotions. Learning a new instrument, joining a virtual choir or partaking in concerts from favorite artists encourage residents to feel the rhythm, sing loud and dance like nobody's watching.